Markus Thales

Markus Thales

Lead Vocals & Guitars

Markus found his passion to be writing and performing music as a teenager but only as he realized it was the perfect way to entertain. A born entertainer, he would do impersonations and use his wide range of natural vocal talents to get laughs and gain attention from everyone he knew. Markus was also into creative and imaginative writing, a perfect recipe for what would be the driven singer and songwriter that he is today. “My music is influenced basically every song I have ever heard, put into my own package. There is no direct influence on any particular song”. With a wide range of personal musical influences, Markus notes: The Strokes, Coldplay, Nirvana and even such classic soul singers as Sam Cooke. Markus is the lead vocal force within the Evening Shades. His wide vocal range allows him to literally swoon his audience with a velvety smoothness one moment and belt it out the next all the while keeping perfect pitch. Like his voice, his guitar playing is precise and dynamic, Gathering its energy from his absolute passion for music.

"My voice is the vessel through which I can express my truest feelings… that and if you think about it, cereal is just a breakfast soup..basically."

Mark plays Yamaha acoustic guitars and uses Audix mics.


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