Matthew Tayvis

Matthew Tayvis

Bass, Keys & Backing Vocals

Matthew Tayvis is a self taught pianist, vocalist, bassist, and born entertainer. He was a dedicated pianist by age 4 and performing professionally age at 12. Matthew began composing complex melodies shortly thereafter. He is endlessly driven to share the creative wonderment that is music. “Though I’m the opposite now, I was very shy when I was young. Music my favorite way to communicate, and that part of me still hasn't changed. Once I experienced the joy and satisfaction of sharing that with others I've been on a quest to do it for life. It has been a quite a journey and haven’t been more excited than at this moment with the talent and fun that is The Evening Shades.” Outside of the music obsession Matt has numerous hobbies including beer making, gardening and fitness.  Matt often adds an untaught dramatic classical spin to the pop driven mix; a clever element that contributes to the unique and hard to describe but instantly embraceable sound of The Evening Shades. Like the other members of the Evening Shades, Matt’s musical influences span a wide range genres. Muse is often brought up as a key influence in his songwriting but others include The Strokes, Within Temptation and My Chemical Romance.


Matt plays Fender basses, Mark bass amps, Casio Privia keyboards, Bose keyboard amps and Audix mics.


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